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This week, I’ve bought oil paints, normal oils and not water-mixable oils. I’ve used water-mixable oils mainly because I paint in my appartement and it’s easy to clean brushes with just water and soap. Also in case of stains, it’s easy to clean with water. Finally I thought oil paints were harmful if we use them in the place we live due to solvants, turpentine etc, and I thought the smell of paint were strong.

Actually we dont need to use harmful solvants when we paint with oils. And, the paint itself doesnt smell. And they are not harmful except colors with cadmium and cobalt, but just if your skin is in contact. That’s why it’s recommended to use gloves when painting.

Also we can clean the brushes with kitchen oil to remove the paint from the brushes and with liquid soap and water.

And in case of stains, if it’s noticed quickly, we can use water. If it’s dry, we need to use alcohol, as for dry water-mixed oils

So, i decided to jump in and paint with normal oils.

I did this color chart and feel how creamy the paint were

I’ve bought colors from several brands on purpose: Micharl Harding, Old Holland, Rembrandt and Winsor & Newton

I did also this sketch to test on paper. It was really fun !

My Paintings

Sorolla studies – oils

Last week, I’ve bought some linen canvas from Claessens in an art supply store in Paris, as I wanted to test this support. I’ve always painted oils on paper on cotton boards.

I got my water-mixable oils from Winsor & Newton and decided to use them directly from the tubes, with no medium, no water, as I want to practice using oils with no medium as much as possible. I’ve ordered “normal” oil paints from several brands and should be able to test them this week.

I decided to copy some Sorolla’s paintings, one of my favorite painters, after photo I took in an exhibition in Barcelona 2 years ago.

After getting used again with oils, the objective was to study Sorolla’s way to apply paint and his brushstrokes: Thinner in shadows, thicker in sunny area. And also apply paint with a little texture even if flat areas, such as the sky and the water as in the paintings below. The first one was too flat (maybe my gouache reflex), but in the second one, you can see more textured work.

My Paintings

Two brothers

During the past two weeks, I made studies and tests for a new oil pastels painting. I wanted to paint after a photo of the 2 little boys of a friend. I wanted to paint human figure, skin tones, reflections of lights bouncing everywhere on the bodies.

My main challenge was to paint with a still new medium for me: oil pastels.

Before to be able to achieve this result, I made crappy tests, black and white values studies, color studies and the final version was painted in 3 sessions, even if it’s quite a small painting: the younger brother first, the elder brother next, and then the final adjustements.

See some photo of the process:

My Paintings


Last weekend, I did a solo gouache painting trip in Vernon and Giverny. I stayed in Vernon so I painted mainly there around La Seine river. I painted the old mill twice, in the afternoon and in the morning. I painted the river in a misty morning surrounded by ducks and gooses. And finally, the view from the balcony of my apartment

My Paintings


After 2 studies to be less intimidated, I did the bigger painting yesterday on a 24*30 cm Pastelmat.
It took me around 4 hours to complete the painting, with a break after the third hour.
Thanks to the small study done with oil pastels, i had my selection of colors, that made the bigger painting process less overwhelming 🙂

My Paintings

Oil pastels

Yesterday, I bought new oil pastels from several brands, to test their quality. Sennelier is really creamy, soft and opaque, so it’s great for top layers. Mungyo, Talens or Sakura are harder, so good for first layers. I found also in my drawer my old little set of Neocolor 2 from Caran d’Ache. It’s always fun to discover a new medium

My Paintings

Painting trip in northern Italy

You can check my gouache and watercolor sketches done on location in Northern Italy in May 2023, in the main menu of my website

They were painted in Alba, Pavia, Mantova, Lago di Garda, Cinque Terre, Genova and Torino

Some of them were painted during grey and cloudy days, others under a strong sun and some were interrupted by rain and storm. This is the joy (and difficulties) of plein air painting!

My Paintings

Scotland painting trip

I will publish soon my watercolor paintings done in my sketchbooks, during my trip to Scotland this summer 2022

See below the painting I’ve done at 7 am in a lounge room in my hotel at PortPatrick, when everyone is still sleeping…

My Paintings

Best Sketchbook for Watercolor

According to me, one the best sketchbook for watercolor is the Etchr cold pressed sketchbook.

Not really possible to use it for pen and ink, but for watercolor, this heavy paper is the best.

I love the look of the sketch, and the paper is very forgiving. I can go back to the clouds with no risk of dirty blooms.

You can compare it with the 3 tests I did on the other sketchbooks from my previous posts. On smooth paper, the colors are more vivid, but I find it more difficult to create soft edges and mix colors on paper.