Hi, I am Jennifer. I live in Paris, France.

As every child, I used to paint and draw…and I never stopped! At 6 or 7, I got as a gift from a friend of the family a collection of Disney comics and enjoyed copy Mickey, Donald and all. At around 11 or 12, I discovered watercolor and started to learn how to paint landscapes mainly from photos. I could stay hours in my room painting and drawing. I also liked to record some animation movies and pause the tv to copy the characters, such as The Lion King, The Prince of Egypt or the ones from the Club Dorothée. ( maybe it ruined a little the TV recorder of my parents…). I couldn’t really often go in museums as I lived in a small village but learned about history of art in books that I asked to my parents for birthdays.

During my years of college, I discovered photography and practiced a lot street and travel photography, my idols were Willy Ronis or Saul Leiter. But I finally came back to painting and drawing around 26/27 years old, with travel and urban sketching. I used to always bring a sketchbook when traveling all around the world, mainly using ink and watercolor.

Then, when I lived in China for work, I discovered gouache and it blew my mind. I got the impression to really learn how to paint, not just draw and put some colors there and there. And I loved the physical contact of paint, this creamy feeling when putting paint on paper. I had to create with shapes and forms, light and darks, and not with lines. I decided to go back to all the basics about color theory and values, as I never really had painting lessons,

During the years of pandemic, it gave me the “opportunities” to practice even more, in gouache but also oils, as painting was my main hobby as cinema, museums and frontiers were closed.

I paint landscapes, urban scenes and still life, mainly in gouache, but also in oils and watercolor. I also love to paint on location, to catch the mood of a scene and the light and colors that nature creates on all items of a view (trees, sky, buildings, ground…)